Educator, motivator, and headshot master Peter Hurley is known for creating flattering portraits with pristine lighting. To get the most out of each of his client’s headshot sessions, Peter developed a  headshot lighting kit and background system that allow him to quickly create his signature portraits in any space available.

Peter Hurley Headshot - Behind the Scenes

The Peter Hurley Kit is a complete solution for high-quality, high-key portraits. This kit includes 3 innovative Flex LED mats, 3 modular Scrim Jim Cine Frames, extension cables, diffusion, mounting hardware, and a durable travel case.  The Flex is a powerful, flexible LED mat that is both lightweight and extremely durable. These kits are available in daylight-balanced or bi-color options.

Thanks to the Flex’s lightweight and durable design, the 🔗headshot kit is compact and portable enough to shoot in small location and are bright enough to overpower the sun.


Peter Hurley Headshot - 1

Lighting Gear in Action