In this Westcott Real Deal Review, we sent photographer Jennifer Jackson from Lexington, Kentucky a 40″ Five-in-One Reflector kit in exchange for her recorded opinions. Jennifer first discusses the contents of this Westcott Reflector Kit, which includes a white diffusion panel, a slip cover, the reflector holder, a 7′ light stand, and an educational DVD. The DVD included in this kit informs users on the basics of photography, including camera settings, lighting tips, and reflector use. The light stand and reflector arm included with this kit set-up and extend easily, as Jennifer demonstrates. Another feature that Jennifer appreciates is the 4-sided reflector slip cover. This slip cover features a gold, white, black, and silver surface and are quickly reversible. She then demonstrates the use of the Reflector Kit during a photo shoot, complete with final images showing the positive lighting effects of the this Westcott reflector. The reflector is also extremely flexible, allowing the model to hold the reflector for an additional clam shell lighting technique.

The Five-In-One Reflector Kit is an essential and versatile tool for any photographer or videographer. This reflector gives user’s the ability to diffuse harsh light, add warm tones, subtract unwanted light, add contrast, and fill in unwanted shadows.  They are double riveted to stand up to years of abuse and fold down into a compact case for easy travel.

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Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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