Midday on top of the Detroit Opera House, Westcott Top Pro and award-winning photographer Jim Schmelzer illustrates how matching sunlight is easily attainable utilizing HyperSync and Westcott lighting . Jim prepares for the photoshoot by determining which direction the sunlight is shining. He wants to place sunlight behind his subject. Not wanting the Detroit skyline to appear dark by exposing for the sun, Jim decides to use the Pocket Wizard to attain ideal shutter speeds.  The before image visualizes how Jim exposed for the background with no flash at 1/8000 @ 2.8. This achieves a shallow depth of field. Using Pocket Wizard’s HyperSync on the Flex TT5 (with the newest firmware upgrade), Jim then took a SpeedoTron Explorer 1,500 watt portable strobe with a 103 head. He paired this strobe with a large 5′ Westcott Octobox and placed it 10 feet away from the model. This process matched the sunlight on the rooftop. Photographers are now finally able to shoot in raw sunlight at greater distances with soft light. This is possible using shutter speeds never before reached, with full frame sensors like Canon 5 D Mark III. This video is part of the Studio Photography Techniques series by Jim Schmelzer. Visit https://westcottu.com/author/jim.schmelzer/ to learn more.


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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