Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discusses the details and features of the 26″ Rapid Box octagonal speedlite modifier in this latest Westcott Lighting review. The 26″ Rapid Box is an innovative off-camera flash modifier constructed on an umbrella-style frame. This framework allows for effortless setup; with a simple push on the center bracket, the Rapid Box assembles and is ready for mounting. Constructed with solid aluminum, this modifier is lightweight, yet durable, essential features for on-the-go photographers. The Rapid Box’s interior is designed with a highly-reflective silver fabric for superior output. As discussed in this video, an optional deflector plate is available for maximum light reflection and output.

The 26″ Rapid Box is manufactured with another innovative feature: a fully adjustable cold shoe bracket located on the rear of the modifier. This bracket is compatible with virtually all speedlites and it’s exterior location allows for line-of-sight radio triggering. This bracket eliminates the need for excess mounting accessories and includes a built-in tilter bracket for exact positioning. A diffusion panel and modern carry case come standard with each Rapid Box. Craig’s photographs below show use of the Rapid Box with and without the diffusion panel, creating specular and soft lighting.

Final image without diffusion panel


Final image with diffusion panel

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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