For this Westcott University featured shot, Top Pro Lou Freeman uses four Westcott Ice Lights to create a beauty box. Not only does this create a unique, stunning catch light in her model’s eyes, but it also allows Lou the ability to dim specific sections of her “beauty box”. Lou shots from insides the box, capturing artistic headshots. The Ice Light is easily handheld and portable, giving Lou and her assistants the convenience of moving and adjusting the lights as needed throughout the shoot.

Lou Freeman - Modern Lighting

The Ice Light 2 Daylight LED is a daylight-balanced LED weighing just over one pound. It features standard threading on each end for quick light stand placement and can also be clamped, taped, hung, or banded (as shown in this video) thanks to it’s sleek design.

Westcott Top Pro photographer Lou Freeman is an expert at creating striking portraits. Her modern and glamorous portraiture has caught the eyes of some of the most respected names in the beauty industry, placing her work in the publishings of Playboy and Harper’s Italian Bazaar.

Lou Freeman - Modern Lighting

Lighting Gear in Action

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