Mike Osborn of Osborn Photography in central Illinois reviews the Rapid Box XXL in this latest Real Deal Review.

Designed for constant and strobe lights, the Rapid Box XXL is a 48″ octagon-shaped softbox constructed for lightweight durability. A solid aluminum umbrella style frame allows for quick set-up and easy portability. The Rapid Box XXL includes a built-in speedring, eliminating the need for additional hardware. This softbox also immediately provides shooters with various ways of customizing their light output. Utilize the supplied inner baffle and outer diffusion panel help to control the specularity of your light and provide diffusion. You can also use the optional Rapid Box Deflector Plate (as shown in this video) to eliminate any hot spots or achieve that perfect beauty dish look. Shooters are even able to change the Rapid Box deflector plate’s distance from the light source by simply unscrewing and removing the adjustable center rod.

Please note, the Rapid Box XXL umbrella-frame does lock into place by simply giving the nut a quarter-turn. 

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Westcott Lighting Gear in Action



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