The best way for me to describe the Ice Light is “WOW.”

I have been photographing with strobes my whole life and never really experimented with a constant light source. The Ice Light is shifting my way of thinking and allowing me to see in a new way. The Westcott Ice Light is the answer for a constant LED light source that is a perfect light for any type of photography including Weddings, commercial, and High School Senior Portraits. If you want WOW imagery in your photography and ease of use, I would highly advocate this light to any amateur photographer to the established professional.

The build quality is nothing but superior as I actually dropped the light on accident and it was still intact and worked perfectly.  Westcott has designed and engineered the Ice Light in a way to really stand the test of time even under severe conditions. Arizona heat sometimes causes strobes to overheat and need to be cooled before using; I had no issue with the Ice Light.  The product did get hot as any other constant light source, but it never ceased to work because of heat. The ergonomically design also makes the product feel just right in your hands. For the traveling photographer, this light makes it easy with the attached carrying case for travel for on location photography, you can simply pick it up and it is ready to go. The threading on the light allows for the use on a light stand and to attach another Ice Light.  The light is also lightweight weighing nearly 1 pound.

The daylight balance LED Ice Light is a perfect blend of color temperature whether indoors or outdoors. It resembles a natural look and feel of light on the face. The Ice Light also makes it really easy to wrap or feather the light for a more soft light or direct light for a more hard sharp light. It has a built in diffusion panel to allow for a more soft light while lighting the mask of the face. The quality of light is perfect for both a videographer and for photography.

This handheld light could not be more user friendly, with an on/off button and controls for brightness, it couldn’t get simpler. The Ice Lights allow to see where light will fall on the face and see lighting patterns being formed by the product. This again, is a perfect light for both the amateur and the professional.


  • Soft even daylight balanced light
  • Wraparound light with built in diffuser
  • Lightweight weighing nearly 1 pound
  • Easy to use


  • Length of the Battery life
  • Brightness of light, I would like to photograph at low ISOs

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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