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Rapid Box with Diffusion

Understanding a Beauty Dish

Westcott creates a vast amount of products for photographers of all varieties. One of the most versatile products for speedlite shooters is our .  The Rapid Box series is a compact light modifier (measuring und...
Rapid Box Strip Final Image 2

Craig Beckta: The Rapid Box Strip

Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discusses the details and features of the 10″ x 24" Rapid Box Strip modifier in this latest Westcott Lighting review. Craig uses the 26" Rap...
Rapid Box XL Real Deal REview

Real Deal Review: Rapid Box XL

Portrait and fashion photographer Martin Howard of Columbus, Mississippi discusses the Westcott Rapid Box XL in this latest Real Deal Review video. For strobes and constant lighting, the 36” Rapid Box XL and...
Terry White & The ProGrip

Terry White Reviews the ProGrip

This review is courtesy of Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Terry White. Just about any photographer will tell you that you’ll get better results from getting your speedlight up and off your camera. T...